Vango offers a range of camping storage solutions to keep your gear organized and accessible. Their compact and lightweight storage options are designed to maximize space in your tent or campsite. From hanging organizers to collapsible cupboards, Vango's storage solutions cater to various camping needs, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable outdoor experience.

[ { "id": 16513762, "title": "Sky Hook Pack", "description": "<p>Pack of 10 Sky Hooks for use with the designed to fit onto the SkyTrack\u00ae tent and awning storage systems. These locking Sky Hooks with attachment loops are ideal for hanging lanterns, keeping any cables tidy and to attach any compatible Sky Storage unit.<\/p>", "description2": "", "description3": "<h2>Specifications<\/h2><table><tbody><tr class=\"odd\"><td>Collection<\/td><td><strong>\u00a0Sky Storage<\/strong><\/td><\/tr><tr class=\"odd\"><td><i class=\"fa fa-question-circle\" title=\"This is the overall total weight of the product\"><\/i> Total Weight<\/td><td><strong>0.05 kg<\/strong><\/td><\/tr><tr class=\"odd\"><td>Year<\/td><td><strong>\u00a02024<\/strong><\/td><\/tr><\/tbody><\/table>", "description4": "", "description5": "", "new": false, "sku": "ACMSKYHK Z00Z58", "weight": 0, "reward_points": 0, "in_stock": true, "archived": false, "stock": 2724, "allow_questions": false, "free_delivery": false, "vat_exclusive": false, "warehouse_notes": "", "gtin": "", "mpn": "", "subscription": false, "user_files": 0, "raw_video_embed_code": "", "is_bundle": false, "bundle_quantity": 0, "google": { "condition": 0, "category_id": 0, "is_bundle": false, "no_identifier": false }, "brand_title": "", "is_pre_order": false, "is_released": true, "release_date": null, "shipping_date": null, "wishlist_comment": "", "current_variation": null } ]