What is Camping Recycled?


Camping Recycled is an initiative set up by Vango to reduce the amount of great outdoor gear that goes to waste and ends up in landfill. We sell  items that function as intended, but cannot be sold through our normal retail partners, such as samples, demo kit and refurbished products. 

Giving these products a second chance to get the adventures they were made for also means you can take advantage of massive savings on all sorts of amazing tents, awnings, outdoor furniture and accessories! 

Camping Recycled is committed to minimising how much outdoor kit goes to waste. They refurbish tents and awnings and, if they are beyond repair, they strip off every component that can be used again, and use those parts to repair other tents and awnings.

At the service centre, the highly experienced repairs team take great pride in repairing and extending the life of all products to the highest of standards. They then offer these items for sale. The initiative funds the refurbishment of products and 1% of profits go to an outdoor-based charity (to be announced imminently!).

This may be a new site, but Camping Recycled has been trading on eBay since 2008, currently with 99.3% positive feedback! Previously named Nearly New Tents, the range of available items grew beyond just tents to ex-display AirBeam tents, AirAwnings, footprints, cook kits and many other camping and outdoor accessories, so Camping Recycled was born!


What condition are the items in?

Most of the items on Camping Recycled are brand new clearance items from our warehouse,  production samples, ex-display or refurbished. If not brand new, all products are thoroughly checked by the specialist repair team, before being listed on the site. The condition of the product will be clearly described in the listing.

Camping Recycled pride themselves on great customer service and continue to support you after your purchase. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any issues with your purchase.