Condition Levels


This equipment is in new condition. Complete in bag with tags and unopened. Supplied with 1-year warranty.



Ex-display equipment may have been on display at exhibitions or used for photography.
Professionally refurbished by our Glasgow based services team. RC coded products are close to new condition but may have had some non-visible repairs or replacement parts, they can even be current season stock. Supplied with 1-year warranty.



Professionally refurbished by our Glasgow based services team. RD coded products are in good condition but could have had some visible repairs such as a repair patch on the groundsheet or fabric. Supplied with 1-year warranty.



Professionally refurbished by our Glasgow based services team. RE coded products may have some signs of use/wear and can have some visible repairs but are still in perfect working order. Supplied with 1-year warranty.



Prototypes are products that are provided for design review or photography before a final production run. These items are usually only out of the bag for a small amount of time if ever and have been stored in our warehouse until they are ready to be sold on Camping Recycled. They are often as good as new and can be from the current seasons range.

As a prototype model they may be subject to design variation from the final production run. For example, the kind of things that may differ could be…

Screen-prints printed on the kit may have a different name or be missing.

Colour may be different.

Door construction type may be different.

Window location may be different.

Of course, there may also be no difference at all but rest assured that if there is, it won’t affect the performance your equipment and you’ll still be getting the same quality camping gear you have come to expect from Vango.

Please note that as sample prototypes they are provided without warranty. However, you can return any product to us, in the same condition, within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied.